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24 Dec. 2018
And Yu Cafe will be closed from 24 December 2018 to 22 January 2019 for a winter break. Time will be taken to relax, rest, and to learn more. See you all soon! Apologies to those who visit the cafe and find us closed. Hope you all have a Happy New Year! :)

12/24부터 1/22까지 겨울방학을 갖습니다. 잘 쉬고, 더 많이 배우고 올께요. 미쳐 알지 못하고 찾아주실 분들께 죄송한 마음입니다. 행복한 연말&연시 보내세요.

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And 유 Café (pronouced And Yu) is a British/Korean vegan cafe and restaurant on the island of Jeju, South Korea. Our menu is entirely plant-based, using organic and local sources of ingredients as much as possible. Come and find us to fill up on veggie burgers, sandwiches, soup, specials, cakes, desserts, coffee, tea, smoothies and kombucha.


518 Hallim-ro, Ongpo-ri, Hallim, Jeju, South Korea.

[+82] 010-3250-9564

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Opening hours

Wednesday - Sunday
11.00am - 8.00pm

Monday & Tuesday


We have put a lot of time and effort into our cafe and our DIY ethos is woven into the walls. We try to recycle, reuse, repair, renovate, restore and repurpose materials as much as possible.

We try to maintain a balance of local, organic, natural, fair-trade & unprocessed regarding our ingredients, and we are open to finding new, healthier ways to deliver all the vital nutrients our bodies need. It is an ongoing, everchanging journey and we have much to learn.

Our flour for bread and cakes is from Woorinong, a Korean farmers’ cooperative. Our loose-leaf tea is from Rishi, an organic and fairtrade supplier. And our coffee, cashew nuts and chocolate are from the Asia Fairtrade Network. We use EM [Effective Microorganisms] cleaning products from the Beautiful Store, a Korean non-profit NGO.

We do not use single use plastic cups and containers for takeaway. We encourage you to bring your own tumbler, or alternatively rent one of ours from our customers’ donated collection. Better still, relax in the cafe. The tide is slowly changing on plastic, a movement we fully support.

We do not believe that a vegan lifestyle is extreme. Rather the opposite. It is a sensible, compassionate, and kind way to live, to treat our home, and respect other species. None of us can be perfect, but we can all be kind.

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